John Sosebee Band - Hill Country Blues
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Original Southern Juke Joint Blues!

Hailing from just north of Atlanta, Ga, John Sosebee has performed in many of Georgia's top venues over the past 14 years. Performing with several different bands, and in different genre's of music. However, the release of his break out, solo album "Cant Get Satisfied", in 2009, marked a turning point in his career, and subsequently produced The John Sosebee Band, to better focus on the particular style of Blues Sosebee loves so much.

Influenced by greats such as R.L. Burnside, Junior Kimbrough, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Muddy Waters, and Blind Willie Johnson from a young age, John Sosebee has a deep rooted feel for the Blues. The traditional mojo and attitude of these historic players shines through in Sosebee's playing, yet he is able to maintain a very clear and individual sound that can't be mistaken for anyone else. You'll hear no goofy pedal tricks or guitar hero antics, no digital modeling amps, no fancy off stage delay effects, just good ole pure tube amp tone, and vintage guitar bliss with heaps of the great dirty Blues tones you love, pouring out of either a Fender combo or Dr. Z stack, with his trusty '58 Les Paul, Tele, or Whitey (his white stratocaster) in his hands. You can't go wrong when Sosebee gives you the Blues!


Article "Duo Brings Back Old Style Blues" from UGA Red and Black newspaper by EVA VASQUEZ

The hill country blues sound that the band creates is unique and elicits the urge to dance along with a cold beer in hand. Perhaps it is the almost trance-like drum beat that inspires show-goers to move to the music. Whatever the reason, Sosebee is pleased when his music gets that response. "All blues music is dance music- it's a senergy of several different, more primitive forms of music," said Sosebee. "We never play the same show twice," Gise said.

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"Sosebee says that he first heard Jimi Hendrix at age 14 and decided then he wanted to play the guitar for a living. John has reached back into the roots of Hendrix and countless others to the native American blues of Muddy Waters and Robert Johnson in his show I recently took in at Wylie's in Dahlonega. The Jasper, Georgia native puts on a good show of delta based blues. He combines excellent finger picking and slide work with a voice made for singing the blues. This isn't "blues fusion" or some modern take on old standards, this is American music at it's very core." Read more:

John Sosebee
John Sosebee

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